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Colruyt is followed by the discount chain stores, Lidl and Aldi. These are the top three in Flanders. Albert Heijn is, however, short on Aldi's heels. In Wallonia, it is a neck-on-neck race between the discount chain stores. Here, Aldi narrowly wins. In Brussels, Colruyt is in first place, followed by Delhaize and then Aldi.

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  • Rethinking how history is taught.
  • According to the Belgians, Colruyt has the best promotions.
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Which promotions are currently the most successful? Using images in the Consumeter, it was tested to see which promotions are the most successful among Belgians. Different promotions were shown in random order to the consumer panel. In turn, the respondents had to give a score of one to ten as to which promotion they found the most attractive. Here, the different mechanisms within a certain category are considered.

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Rounded-off prices The question is often asked whether rounded-off prices work better than those ending in the number nine. Currently, different Belgian chain stores more often offer promotions with rounded-off prices. In the survey, a loaf of bread and a pack of pasta were shown. There was no difference in preference for the pasta. Performing Arts Scholarship Application Open.

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Richard Pahl Feb 15, 7: The deadline for applications is April 16, Awards will be conferred upon students of voice, instrument, theatre and dance. Custom clothing company created to give back.

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Amy Jo Steinbruecker Feb 15, 7: People label groups to distance themselves and then put them down to make themselves feel bigger. It also has to do with the emphasis schools choose to place on the topics they choose to teach.

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Tarece Johnson of the Global Purpose Approach, wants schools to rethink how they teach about European Explorers as well. And she has a point. The Western perspective is not the only one. Its byproducts, too, were often genocide and slavery. Resources and attention are imbalanced. I was once told in a college literature class that history, especially where war is concerned, is often told by the victor.

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Is that fair? Is that comprehensive?

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  3. πανσέληνος 31 μαρτίου 2018 Πρόκριση στο Final4 για τις παγκορασίδες του Γ.Σ.Αλμυρού (φωτο).
  4. Will it teach us what we need to know in order to be better citizens of the world? Are multiple perspectives being taught? If the history is non-European, is it taught as thoroughly? If the experience takes place in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, are we paying as much attention to it?

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    If history is put into the context of the common threads that lead up to similar events in history, then perhaps they can begin to draw conclusions about what they see around them. If the way social studies is being taught is still leaving people with an ignorance of history, then how about we organize topics by these human elements and then bring in examples that are global?


    This approach also drives home that people are people, they are the same no matter where they are.