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On re-insertion after waiting 1 minute , I saw that there was no storage device found, just usbsacm instances. So now all I had to do was trawl my memories to recall how to do ppp eeeek!

Huawei Mac OS X Driver Installation

Therein lies a lot of pain, so I'll cut straight to the "this works for me" part: The other thing of interest is the ": This is what I needed to add in order to get around the problem [ID daemon. It was rather weird to see a ping time from my non-global zone to the laptop via 3G taking about msec even though both machines are within my arm's reach! I just need to get some ip-up and ip-down scripts figured out, and then I'll be all raring to go.

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One final thing, there are apparently a reasonably annoying bug with usbsacm: I'm going to try it and see. It is worth trying.

Huawei Drivers For MAC Os X Download

I have unplugged the modem, and removed the Mobile Partner application. I am connecting to the internet via WiFi I've been using before. It is annoyingly slow.

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I am loading the same pages on an iPhone 4 quicker than on my MacBook Air. How can I remove all traces of Huawei's software from my computer?

Huawei E169 support.

I mean all drivers and extensions and anything else it may have gotten its dirty little paws on. I would like my Mac to work at its normal speed again.

If you don't find any uninstaller, it's safe to just remove the kext bundles. Communities Contact Support. Sign in.

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  4. Browse Search. Ask a question. User profile for user: Now I don't have internet connection outside cause the modem not working my my mac.

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    Other 3. The Connection Failed. Please advice on how to solve the problem. More Less.