Smokey eye using mac brushes

Remember, blending is key when it comes to creating the perfect smokey eye. Apply Fluid Line in Black Track all over the eyelids with brush and blend well up towards the socket line. Using brush , stipple the Eye Shadow in Carbon over the eyelids where you have applied the Fluid Line as a base. This will intensify and mattify the eye shadow.

C Eye Kohl provides an intense, smoked finish with duo-chrome pearl, which can easily be smudged or blended. Use it to subtly enhance or create bold lines. The firm, tapered tip of the applicator is easy to control and allows for a quick and precise application. Follow Vogue Arabia. But I wouldn't go too shimmery if you're gonna do a really classic smokey eye. So I just patted it all over my eyelids and up to the socket line. It's kind of messy. Just slightly above the socket line. If you want to check if it's gone up high enough, just open your eyes and look straight ahead and you'll be able to still see a little bit of the brown shade there.

So next I'm going to go in with the dark grey shade.

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I'm gonna put it on to a brush. So you want to think nice and fluffy and then blend onto the back of your hand so that you don't have too much on your brush. You can always pick up later. And then start to add the dark grey into the socket line and onto the outer edge there. The outer corner. So you're going on top of the brown. And everyone's eye shape is different, so the best way to do this is to keep your eyes open, keep looking ahead.

If your eyes are slightly different shapes, then again, keep looking ahead because you can check to see if they're looking similar. If your eyes are hooded, again, you'll need to have your eyes open. And then once you've got a good sort of positioning on it, then just start buff buff buffing away. And what makes a good smoky eye is a nice big fat generous brush. So, nothing smaller than a brush like this.

And you can use even a bigger brush and just keep lots of circles and really really buffing and softening those edges. So I'm just adding a little bit more of the dark to the outer corner, so you can build up slowly. Now I'm going to use a completely clean Paula Dorf -- this is a sheer crease brush. It's just a bit bigger and a bit fluffier than a It's really good to keep a nice big brush that's clean handy.

And you can really go in and blend and smoke that all out. So next I'm going to use a black Kohl pencil. I'm gonna use this all along my upper lash line.

Solid Smokey Eye: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

And just hold a mirror really low down, and look right down into it, and feel it really in-between the lashes. It doesn't have to be perfect.

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  • We're gonna blend it in a second anyway. Likewise underneath. You can do it as a series of dots. We're gonna smoke that out too. And if you want to you can go into your lower waterline as well. Depending on how big or small your eyes are. If you have very small eyes, just skip that step.

    And then using a mix of the brown and the dark grey shade -- the taupey shade and the dark grey -- I'm going to start to smudge in underneath. So just really smudging that Kohl in. Smoking it out. I haven't done my concealer and my base yet, so it doesn't matter if it drops down because I'm gonna clean it afterwards. And that's definitely the best way to do smokey eyes.

    Eyes first, skin later. Same on the top And then apply a nice thickening black mascara. You want to get right down to the roots of the lashes.

    The Best Eye Makeup Brushes For Smokey Shadow, Because It's Pretty Easy To Do With The Right Tools

    You get loads of impact there. And curl them first if you need to. Put plenty of mascara on. Once you've done your mascara, you can clean up under your eyes.

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    • So just remove any of that gray and brown eyeshadow that's dropped down, so it's nice and clean. And patch up your moisturizer.

      Get The Look

      And apply your base as normal. So I've done my base and concealer as usual and I've also used a little bit of powder. Next going back in with the light brown shade -- Well, hardly any actually. Just a fraction of it on the brush -- Just gonna really really smudge in underneath.

      And you need to do this after you've concealed, otherwise you kind of have a definite line between where the smokiness finishes and the concealer starts. So we just want to really smudge that all in. And then I'm just gonna freshen up that line in the waterline. It's fine if it gets a bit smudgy.

      If you want to use a waterproof pencil or a waterproof gel you can, but I think you want it to look sort of perfectly imperfect.

      Soft Smokey Eye using your fingers, no makeup brushes needed

      You don't want it to be absolutely