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Windows could not prepare the computer to boot into the next phase of installation. To install Windows, restart the installation. Ensure that the USB stick containing the Windows installer is inserted and then restart your Mac while holding down the option alt key. You should now be presented with a list of bootable drives. When you are asked Where do you want to install Windows? OS X only supports creation of FAT filesystems, so this is why we need to re-create the partition ourselves during install.

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You may encounter a known issue whereby the Boot Camp Support Software installer locks up while installing Realtek audio. If this occurs, you will need to open Task Manager and kill the RealtekSetup.

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Install and run SharpKeys and then configure the following mappings to correct your Mac keyboard so that it behaves like a regular Windows keyboard:. PrtSc Special: Left Windows Special: Left Alt Special: Right Windows Special: Right Alt.

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  • Paste the following into a file named Enable NumLock on Boot. As such, I recommend purchasing a Logitech or similar mouse for use in Windows.

    What you need

    The safest way to delete these partitions is through the Windows installer. So simply boot from your USB stick as we did before and when you reach the Where do you want to install Windows? Once done, simply quit the installer by clicking the X in the top right corner of each Window and reboot back into OS X. Even though we have removed the Windows partition, a boot entry will still be present when holding down option alt during boot. Toggle navigation Fotsies Technology Blog. Blog About.

    Installing Windows 10 on MacBook Pro

    A few of its drawbacks: It only supports a drive with a single partition. It often throws very obscure error messages with limited detail.

    Make sure your Mac has enough hard drive space

    Click that and point it to your ISO image. Hacking Boot Camp Assistant into small bits and reassembling it will do the trick.

    Installing Windows 10 on a Mac without Bootcamp

    Open it in your favorite text editor. If you are running OS X Instead, copy Boot Camp Assistant. Makes sense, right? If the "Create a Windows 7 or later install disk" check box does not appear, then an USB flash drive can not be used to install Windows on your Mac. An example of this check box is shown below. Since your Mac does not show this check box, I assume you have an optical drive. Now there are ways to make this check box appear so the files can be copied to the flash drive, but most likely the firmware in your Mac will not allow you to boot Windows from a flash drive.

    How to get Windows on Mac

    Even if you can boot to OS X using a flash drive, this does not mean you can boot to Windows using a flash drive. You need to boot to Windows from the optical drive to install it on to your internal drive. Steps to burn an iso to DVD: As for the drivers for Windows. System requirements for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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    • You install the drivers after you finish installing Windows. One final note: Do not change the partitioning using anything from Microsoft. The partitioning can only be successfully changed using OS X software. This is correct. You need to have a bootable media with Windows on it to install Windows on bootcamp. When the process reboots to install Windows, the. Actually, if I recall correctly, the Bootcamp installer should make the bootable install media 8GB flash drive itself. The BootCamp Assistant will then see the file as a virtual drive and copy the necessary files to your install media.

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      If you have a optical drive, then burn the iso to a DVD using the Disk Utility application and install using that. I assume you are installing windows 7. You probably can also install windows 8 on that machine. My solution was found here apple. Edit file: Edit section's title: