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Do one of the following: If you only have one account, this is the administrator account to use. In Quarantine Manager, click the 'Action Available' column heading. This sorts the list of threats according to the action available. Select all the threats for which the action available is listed as 'Clean up'.

Click the 'Clean Up Threat' button at the bottom right-hand side. Any threats that are cleaned up are cleared from the list. Click the 'Action Available' column heading again. This will again sort the list of threats. If there are any threats for which the action available is listed as 'Restart', restart your Mac to complete the cleanup.

Click the Action Available column heading again. If there are any threats for which the action available is 'Clean up', go back to step 4. If not, continue with step If there are any threats for which the action available is 'Clean up manually', this indicates that you must create a custom scan.

Before continuing with the next step, watch the video How to create a custom scan to see a video demonstration on what you will need to do.


For each item labeled 'Clean up manually', select the item in Quarantine Manager and make a note of the Path and Filename: In the Manual Cleanup window i. Note the following: If you cannot find a file or folder in the path indicated, ensure the navigation dialog window is selected click a folder in the window , and then press command-shift-. All hidden files and folders will now be visible. If a folder in the path which you need to navigate has a 'Do not enter' red circle on it, select that folder and click 'Open'.

Otherwise, navigate to the folder containing the item detected and click the 'Open' button. In the Options tab, select 'Delete threat' from the drop down menu. Click Done.

Click 'Scan Now' to run the scan. If any threats still exist as 'Clean up manually' after performing the custom scan with the Delete option, the files are probably contained on a backup volume or inside an archive. These are not deleted by Sophos, as they probably contain a lot of information you do not wish to delete as well as the detected file.

Some common locations for such files are: E-Mail attachments. Open your Mail program, and delete the email with the malicious attachment whose name matches that in the file path. The most common emails have a subject line referring to an invoice, payment, or application. From the Sophos Preferences window, re-enable on-access scanning. In Preview you can even use the dropdown menu Tools Annotate Quite useful. Really made progress!! I Revealed in Finder and was able delete there and then did the "clear from List" on the remaining items.

I neglected to do the screen shot before i deleted and cleared.

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Afterwards I ran a scan which found 1 threat that Sophos could remove. I did that and ran another scan. Sophos did find some issues which I believe are "corrupt files" shown in the scan log. Do I need to do anything with these? That's it. Just keep Sophos running and make sure it's up to date. The corrupt files are generally nothing to worry about. See this video about issues detected: Most of these were repeated over and over again.

When I attempted clean up the threat, I received "cleanup failed" for every single one of them. I would appreciate any help you could offer.

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Thank you. Follow the link to the logs thread and watch the video there. You'll need to look in the log via Console and search for failed cleanups and then you'll know the full path to the items. Post back extracts of what you see. Let me know if you need any help with the process. Thank you for your response, but I need step by step instructions if possible. I don't know what link you are talking about. User Help. Site Search User.

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clean up manually - Sophos Anti-Virus for Mac Home Edition - Free Tools - Sophos Community

Have a cool product idea or improvement? I cannot manually cleanup detected threats I ran the Sophos for Mac Home edition v 9. What does the log say? Can you post a screenshot or extract? I am trying to attach a screen shot of what I have but am not sure if I have done it correctly. Screen shot at 3.

The manual cleanup is most likely due the the location of the item s. Can you select the item and expand the 'Show Details' lower panel and screenshot that? The Original Location is the same.