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Since Mac uses SMB we need to use this syntax: Note that you will not be prompted for credentials to connect because we are logged in with our domain account. You can also connect to Windows shared folders with the same syntax and a username and password if your Mac is not joined to the domain. This process is not for the faint of heart and can get tricky depending on your environment. There can be issues with joining Macs to a. With these things in mind, there are definitely some things to consider before joining your Mac to a Windows domain.

Some may wonder what the benefits of joining s Mac to a Windows domain would bring. It mostly helps with accessing files on your Windows server without authenticating every time. It also helps with user account management and alleviates the need to have separate user accounts on the local Mac computer and on the Windows domain. In my opinion, if you have a mobile Mac user with a laptop you probably wouldn't join it to your domain, but would instead authenticate when needed.

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If you have Mac desktop computers and multiple users logging into them and using them daily, joining them to the domain is probably a better solution. Overall it's up to you how you want to configure it but hopefully this gives you a good baseline to start with. What other benefits can you think of for joining a Mac to a Windows domain? What other solutions are there for Windows organizations that use Macs? If this message remains, it may be due to cookies being disabled or to an ad blocker.

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How to Change or Spoof MAC Address in Windows / Windows Server / macOS / Unix / Linux

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Test your skills. Learn something new. Get help. Now you should be at your Network settings screen. Click the back button to go back to System Preferences and choose Accounts Click the Lock to make changes to these settings. You should see it progress through steps as you are authenticated and joined to the domain. A mobile account caches user credentials locally so they can be used when the computer is not connected to the directory node. You must specify which file-sharing protocol to use: New in Mac OS X v Many Windows Server administrators require client computers to use this option, which makes it impossible for computers using earlier versions of Mac OS X to access their SMB share points without installing third-party SMB client software.

It is faster, native to Mac OS X, supports Time Machine and network Spotlight searching, has better auto-reconnect, and handles a wider range of file names in a mixed environment. Unfortunately, Windows servers do not offer AFP by default.

Accessing an Active Directory Service with OS X Directory Services v10.5

Discourage users from simultaneously logging in as the same user simultaneously on Mac OS X and Windows computers, because if they edit the same file over two different protocols simultaneously, this could corrupt the file. The next figure illustrates what the standard desktop looks like for an Active Directory user who has an Active Directory home folder defined.

Likewise, the Active Directory plug-in generates a unique integer for each Active Directory group record as well. If you have extended your Active Directory schema, you can use the Mappings pane to access the appropriate attributes from the Active Directory user and group records. Be forewarned that if you change the mappings, users may lose access to files that they previously owned or could access.

This is useful if you create an Active Directory group and populate it with users who should have the authority to administer the Mac OS X computers in your organization. If you want to restrict the authentication search path to use specific domains only in your forest, follow these steps:. Depending on the configuration of your Domain Controller, this may not be correct. Rather than binding from the default pane in Directory Utility, you will bind from within the Active Directory services pane, which offers different binding options.

Click the Edit button in the lower-left corner of the Directory Utility window.

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If you are not already bound to Active Directory, Directory Utility displays the dialog shown in the figure below. If you are already bound, you must first unbind in order to change the location of your computer account. The dsconfigad command is particularly useful for scripting the process of binding to Active Directory, and it offers a way to bind with custom settings in one step. This command has drawbacks, however: It does not enable the plug-in, nor does it add the Active Directory node to the search paths. You must also use the defaults and dscl commands to accomplish those tasks.

To bind a computer to Active Directory with dsconfigad , collect the following information for the following dsconfigad options:.

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The commands listed below enable the Active Directory plug-in, bind to Active Directory, and add the Active Directory node to the authentication and contacts search paths:. In this example, the user aduser1 is an Active Directory user object. The -p option makes the output human readable:.

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Change a MAC address on Windows Server 2008 R2

Mobility MCSE: Not an IT pro? Windows Server TechCenter. Sign in. United States English. Ask a question. Quick access. Search related threads. Remove From My Forums. Answered by: Windows Server. Remote Desktop Services Terminal Services. Remote Desktop Services Terminal Services https: Sign in to vote. This problem can occur if: The remote computer is running a version of Windows that is earlier than Windows Vista.

The remote computer is configured to support only the RDP security layer. Greatfull for all tips and trix! Friday, August 3, Wednesday, October 17, 4: Monday, August 6, 7: It is set to per user. We have also tried with 2. Thanks for your reply Mikael K Person. Monday, August 6, 8: Unfortunately I have the same issue. Try reconnecting to the Windows-based computer, or contact your administrator. Tuesday, August 7, 6: Friday, August 10, 3: Here's what I did to make the connection using RDC 2. Make sure that Remote Desktop Connection is not running 2.

Open 'Remote Desktop Connection' 4. Friday, August 10, 4: Hi Kevin, Thank you very much for the suggestions. Just to verify, I am using RDC 2. Thank you, Dan. Friday, August 10, 8: Thanks for the suggestion Hans! Unfortunately still no luck for me. I tried it in combination with Kevin's suggestions as well.

How to Join a Mac to a Windows Domain

Saturday, August 11, 1: Also have tried all suggestions and none of them seems to work. Mikael K Person. Monday, August 13, 6: As far as I can see there are no eventlog entries on the RDP server either. Wednesday, August 15, 8: Could you please capture a screenshot for the error message? Wednesday, August 15, 9: Here's a screenshot of the error: As you can see, you're not able to continue away from the error. Proposed as answer by Justin Martahler Wednesday, October 23, 8: Wednesday, August 15, Hi Peter, It seemed that OS For more information, please refer to following link: Windows and Mac OS version compatibility http: Proposed as answer by prun01 Thursday, September 6, 7: Tuesday, August 21, 2: We have the same problem with RDC 2.

Proposed as answer by prun01 Thursday, September 6, 8: Thursday, September 6, 8: