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And if you were more into Heretic than Quake , Dusk publisher New Blood is also putting out Amid Evil , another horror-adjacent retro game with a focus on melee weaponry and magic. One alien. That was the design direction behind Creative Assembly's Alien: And it worked. Though a bit overlong and at times needlessly difficult, Alien: Isolation is the strongest big-budget horror experience in years. This game is just plain tense— almost unbearably so if you play it with a VR headset.

Killing Floor 2

Now we're digging into Frictional's truly great scares. A Victorian-era castle may not seem like the best setting for a horror game, but with Amnesia: You play as Daniel, an archeologist who's lost his memory and has only a letter—apparently written by him—to guide his escape from the mad castle and shadowy figures that stalk him. As of , Amnesia 's also been updated with a new difficulty level, harder than before. I wouldn't recommend it for new players, as true horror's found in thinking you might die and then escaping.

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But for veterans, it's great to have a reason to revisit the castle. It gives up the third-person camera, abandons the usual Resident Evil aesthetic, and even gives up the focus on combat And being force-fed entrails. Asylums are easy fodder for horror.

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And if you already played and enjoyed the base Outlast game, be sure to check out the Whistleblower DLC released last year. Outlast 2? Not so much.

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Not scary , per se, but unsettling in ways similar to Mark Z. See, every time you turn the camera, things change.

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Maybe the door you just came through disappears, or you enter a seemingly normal room only to realize all the furniture is on the ceiling. Inventory management is rough, some of the tutorial text has typos, and there are plenty of rooms gated off at the moment. But if you like slow-burn horror, Visage is shaping up to be great.

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Stay in the darkness too long and Nothing new there. But these sorts of games live and die on their aesthetic. Pathologic has been on this list since its inception, but in October of it got an update: An HD remaster of the game complete with new translations released on Steam.

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Many people will die. Theo V. The Saving Light. Wake up in a dark and lonely world with the only company of a child in search of her saving light. Mystic Lantern. Room In the darkest recesses of every mind something remains dormant, waiting for a moment to take control.

An eerie, Choice Based Visual Novel. Doki Doki Literature Club! Will you write the way into her heart? Team Salvato. Midnight Scenes Ep. The Highway. Untold horrors in a dark, deserted road. Octavi Navarro. Plague - Horrorgame Wip. Ian Albuquerque. The Shape On The Ground. Concluse is an atmospheric horror game which features puzzles, outstanding cutscenes, and something a little twisted.. Studio Snowspot. Far Away Times. The Outbreak: First Light.

Moon Colony. Spend 5 nights in the school of horror learning and education! Hidden Memories. Hunt down and kill the werewolf, before he does the same to you! Uncle Yobo. Win The Game.

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Happy Backwards. Survive the depths and horros that lurk below. Planet of Bloodthirsty Santa Demo. A desolate planet. A simple mission. How could things go so wrong? VHS era, low poly slasher. PS1 style survival horror. Puppet Combo. Team Craft online. Eggs for Bart. Can you survive a yandere?

How many can survive a night in the house of Drew? Rodrigo Rojas-Ferrer. Half - Horrorgame. Wither Studios. Jack Is Missing. Jack had always thought Kevin was his best friend, until the day he was murdered by him Kevin Yang. You are powerless in a terrifying mysterious place filled with monsters.