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If you find yourself frequently wanting to delete specific Safari history items, you may be better off preemptively using Private Browsing mode in Safari for Mac , which does not leave any browser history when active. While removing local history will remove traces of a website visit from a particular computer and perhaps hide the visit from yourself or another person, that local data removal has no impact on the various remote servers or the underlying infrastructure used to access websites or the internet in the first place, which separately will track all internet data like website visits and browsing sessions and they may sell that data too.

As usual, iOS users are not left out either, as you can delete specific history items from Safari on iPhone and iPad too using a similar method. Enjoy this tip? Subscribe to the OSXDaily newsletter to get more of our great Apple tips, tricks, and important news delivered to your inbox! Enter your email address below:.

Hi Paul, Thanks for sharing your great tips again. Thanks again and have a great day! Name required. Mail will not be published required. These technologies are deeply integrated into our lives and, in many cases, we have become dependent on them, making us vulnerable when the technology fails or our information is not properly protected. We conduct security research to locate any data exposures in the databases of various companies, organisations, and institutions. Typically we use the Shodan search engine to locate unprotected Internet-connected devices.

How To Delete Safari Bookmarks (#1561)

This search engine is publicly accessible, and allows researchers to identify devices and databases that are connected to the open Internet without any password protection or other technological barriers to safeguard the data stored in them. We do not crack passwords or authentication processes or use any other hacking tricks.

Once we discover a publicly exposed database, we report our findings according to the following guidelines:. In case you have any comments, tips or suggestions please contact: Deleting your Safari browser history might seem relatively simple.

How to Delete Specific Safari History on Mac

Recently, we walked you through how to delete your browsing history on your Mac. You can see this article and additional information about browsing history here. So, macOS comes with a built-in two-click tool to remove your search history. That's it. You're good to go. The Clear History tool removes your browsing history along with cookies and cache files. If you want to delete select pages from your browsing history while keeping everything else, Safari makes it easy.

Just follow these simple steps:. To remove multiple websites simultaneously, select them while holding down the Shift or Cmd button. Then, press Backspace or Delete.

How to Delete Browsing History on your Mac

Safari also stores cookies and cache files. In a nutshell, cookies are files downloaded when you visit a webpage. These files store your previous activity on that website so it can be retrieved next time you visit this website. Cache , or temporary internet files, helps Safari load website images faster. Make it a habit to regularly clear your search history or use CleanMyMac X to remove all the traces in one go.

Keep your browsing private: What is browsing history and why remove it Basically, it's everything you search online, remembered by your computer. Easy ways to clear browsing history on Mac To get rid of every trace of your surfing you need to securely delete your history and get rid of all the evidence.

Here's how to securely delete your browsing history: Clear search history in Safari Get rid of Chrome browsing history Remove traces of your online activity in Firefox Wipe away all browsing history from your Mac Tips on how to search the web without being tracked Note: How to delete search history manually Apart from logs, browsing history also covers cookies and caches. How to view and clear your browsing history in Safari To view your Safari search history: Click on the Safari menu and click Clear History.

Choose an option from the dropdown menu and click Clear History again.

How to delete specific pages from Safari history on Mac

All the sites you've visited in the period specified by the option you chose will disappear from the History menu. That won't remove all traces, however. Clear browsing data in Chrome The first thing to note about using Chrome is that Google wants you to be logged in whenever you use it. To clear browsing data in Google Chrome: Click on the History menu and click Show Full History. Now click on Clear browsing data in the left hand sidebar.

Click Clear Browsing Data.

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To delete multi device searches and other activities of your Google account: You can either search it manually or apply filters. Click the tick-box next to the data you want to delete and click Clear Now. To prevent Firefox ever storing history data , click on the Firefox menu and choose Preferences. Under the History heading, choose 'Firefox will: Here's how to use CleanMyMac X for browsing history removal: Click on the first web browser whose history you want to delete and then click the box next to each of the items you want to delete.

If you only want to remove history for specific sites, click the dropdown arrow next to Browsing History and check the site whose history you want to remove. Repeat that process for each browser whose history you want to delete from your Mac. When you're done, click the Remove button at the bottom of app's window. Tips on how to search the web without being tracked Clear browsing history on exit You can take internet privacy to the whole new level by making your browser clear history on exit. On a Mac, this option is available to Chrome and Firefox users: Going incognito Any browser you use on a Mac has tools for private browsing.

VPN for secure surfing Removing your browsing history from your Mac doesn't make it go away completely. These might also interest you: Productivity Tutorial Shortcut. Oct 17, Try For Free. I want to get pro advice on Mac apps and exclusive member offers.

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