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It's called iTunes. All you have to do is select a playlist of songs you want to burn to CD I presume you've already done this part and choose "Print" from the file menu, then choose your options, which range from really basic blue-cover-with-track-listing-on-back to cool "cover collage" of the albums from which the tunes in your playlist are drawn. More about this here: Experience teaches you to recognise a mistake when you make it again.

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This thread is definitely going into the Sunday video chat. I might even do a short demo. I've never used that iTunes feature. Originally Posted by Slydude.

Create CD Inserts in iTunes

If you are helped, increase the reputation of the poster -. Hadn't noticed the age of the thread Dave. Like you I used to print the same kind of labels though it was enough of a pain I tried to do as little of that as possible.

How to print CD Inserts

I almost bought one of those printers that printed directly to disc but then decided I wouldn't use that feature enough to justify adding a second printer. Sly don't print labels for slopt loaders. Bad news when heat and use causes the label to lift slightly, jam and then all sorts of troubles. Great for tray loaders on Mac Pros however. Using OS X. I'll be sure to mention that Harry.

MyCoverCD free download for Mac | MacUpdate

Like other artwork utilities, it looks up the name of an album on Amazon. For more artwork-related utilities, go here. As I mentioned, songs can contain more than one image. But keep in mind that each image increases the size of your music file, thus leaving less free space on your hard drive and iPod. To import a new image into the list, click on Add. To delete an unwanted image, select it and click on Delete. When creating a jewel-case insert, iTunes uses the first image listed in the Artwork Information dialog box. If you have multiple images listed there, you can rearrange their order by dragging them left and right.

You can also print your own artwork—for example, a photo from your iPhoto library—on a jewel-case insert. First, add the image to a song.

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  • Create CD Inserts in iTunes | Macworld.

For a photo, simply drag it from the iPhoto window to the Artwork area in the Song Information dialog box. To reduce the size of the song file, delete the image after printing. Step 1 Select a playlist in the Source area, and then choose Print from the File menu. Next, choose an album design from the Theme pull-down menu.

Create professional CD and DVD disc labels on Mac OS X

If your playlist contains songs from multiple albums, you can use the Mosaic themes to produce a collage of album art. Select the playlist song containing that art before choosing Print. Step 3 Click on Page Setup and adjust the settings for your printer as needed. Click on OK to return to the Print dialog box, and then click on Print. With iTunes playlists, you can mix and match songs in any way you see fit. You can add a song to as many playlists as you like, or even create a playlist that plays one song five times in a row.

But you can also transfer them to an iPod or burn them to create your own compilation CDs.

Open a Playlist in a Separate Window To open a playlist in its own window, double-click on the empty space to the right of its name. You can open as many playlist windows as you like, and then you can simply drag songs between them.