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Increasing the amount of RAM can allow you to run more apps at the same time without slowing down your Mac. While you can still upgrade the RAM in some iMac models and the current Mac Pro, the rest of the Mac lineup uses RAM that is soldered to the computer motherboard, thus preventing user upgrades. This means you have to decide at the time of purchase how much RAM you wish to have both now and in the future.

Using techniques like compression, the Mac can squeeze quite a bit of performance out of available RAM. Adding more RAM will allow you to run more apps concurrently, allow RAM-intensive apps to perform better, or both, letting you run apps that need a lot of RAM space without having to close all of your other apps. It would help to maximize performance now as well as extend the usable lifetime of the Mac.

With the proper tools, advanced DIYers can upgrade current generation Storage Upgrades This is a tough one since there are so many options available , not only from Apple but also from MacSales.

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Aside from the Mac Pro, none of the current Mac offerings allow users to upgrade the internal drives, at least not easily. With a small toolkit, you can change out the internal drive for an SSD on many Mac models.

Platter-based hard drives still have their place , but I think the most common upgrade question when it comes to storage, will be: If you prefer to carry your data around with you, a larger SSD may be more appropriate. Combining an SSD upgrade with an external drive for media libraries and general storage, and a second external for backup, may be just the versatile storage configuration you need. In some cases, the graphics processor is bundled into a group; with other Mac models you can pick the graphic processors you wish from a short list of options.

In any case, the GPU is an at-time-of-purchase selection, and cannot be user upgraded at a later date.

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Which brings us to another question: GPU upgrades are usually done for two reasons: Upgrading the graphics processors on a Mac usually only needs to be undertaken by those with specific needs. For general-purpose computing, the graphics option provided within the Mac bundle is usually sufficient for most uses.

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Which Upgrade to Choose? Generally speaking, RAM or storage is going to give you the best bang for the buck when it comes to upgrading a Mac.

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Storage upgrades in the form of faster or larger SSDs are going to provide you with performance increases that include the time it takes to boot your Mac and launch any app. Storage upgrades, on the other hand, can be performed using external storage and fast Thunderbolt 3 or USB 3. Your specific needs may point to a different upgrade as being the best choice for you.

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    Update Mac OS X Graphics Driver

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