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Overview Details. Mixing Medium Gel. Full Description A mixing medium base that can be mixed with Pigment and Glitter to create unique custom shades for face and body. Provides superior adherence of Pigment and Glitter to the skin. Protects against environmental aggression. Non-irritating and suitable for all skin types. An easy and effective way to create custom body paints and glitter gels. Not for use around the eye area.

NYX Multitasker Mixing Medium Reviews

Customizable For all skin types Not recommended for use around eyes. Remove excess oils from skin using Cleanse Off Oil. Add loose powder, liquid or pigments to Mixing Medium Gel in a container.

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Shake thoroughly before use to ensure even, consistent colour. Apply product using tools and brushes. See Wishlist. Add to Bag. Temp Out of Stock. Coming soon. Sorry, this item is inactive. Sold Out. Shop 41 Shades Temp Out of Stock. Add to Bag Temp Out of Stock. But for eye color I'm glad u like the Magnolia lip colorss too.

I'm not too big on lipsticks in a jar I want the ease of a tube so I probably won't get any of these. I might I love that you posted this, I always thought all mixing mediums where the same to be honest, but this post is actually pretty imformative! Hi Stephanie. Him I know this is an older post, but I was wondering if you could comment on the possibility of using the alcohol mixing medium of the jawline up onto the cheek, because I have a glitter pattern I need to have stay put for a long time in heat and sweat, or would on of the other ones work just as well?

Hi Kasey, If you already own the alcohol based mixing medium then you can test it on your cheek area and see if it still burns your eyes. Otherwise, if you are going to buy one for the first time go for the gel version for glitter instead. You can use it on the eyes as well as face and body.

Tina, Above you say "I think the gel is best overall because you can use it as an overall mixing medium and even create eyeliners plus it is the best for glitters. I ask because in your description of that product you say "Not for use around the eye area," which would seem to prohibit it's use for eyeliner or pigments used as eyeshadow. So, is your product description incorrect I.

Hi TwirlyGirly. Both are correct actually.

NYX Multitasker Mixing Medium/Review/Demo -- Making my own copper liner

The Mixing Medium Gel is not "recommended" for use around the eye area. It doesn't mean u absolutely can't use it around the eye area - I have used it many times. It means u must take caution if u use it around the eye area. This is perfect! I really needed this info! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your the best!


Appreciate how you really listen to ur fans an teach us what we don't understand. This breaks it all down perfectly understandable an with pics too! Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Free to contact me via email with further questions or business inquiries at thefancyface hotmail.

Comments that include advertisements, self-promotion, insults, etc. This is a great creamy gel formula that can be used with loose colors and glitter to create long lasting liquid eyeliners. This mixing medium is a thicker gel-liquid which allows for more dense pigmentation.

This will stay intact until removed with makeup remover. The consistency can be adjusted to your liking from sheer to opaque depending on the amount of product used.

This is one of the newer mixing mediums to step onto the scene. It is emollient based so the result will be creamy and wax like.

Mixing Medium Gel

This offers great control and intense color payoff. This comes in handy for creating cream eyeshadows, cream bases and even lip colors! The finish is shiny and can be used to add sheen to products and skin. This can crease if not used with a primer or if layered thickly on the skin. Posted by Tina T at 1: MAC , Mixing Medium.

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