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This has already been addressed in another question related specifically to a TFTP server , but is applicable to this question. I got it up and running using the following manual updating links because the previous answers have become obsolete:. All Apple Server manuals: By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Chealion 5, 23 Chealion Chealion 5, 23 A more current manual can be found at: Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing.

Couldn't have picked just a little more recent version of the admin manual Gary Chambers Gary Chambers 4 8. I got it up and running using the following manual updating links because the previous answers have become obsolete: If you don't know what tftp is, then you don't need it For the curious: Today, it's most often used for updating firmware in various network devices, such as routers, switches, etc.

Unlike NetBATCH, however, it is a standalone application, and it is a much more highly developed application that has gained favor with a large user base. Beats the living cr-- out of any other in its class on this or any other platform. I nearly missed out on its entire genre after trying out Download Deputy darn thing felt like it was programmed in HyperCard. Buggy, too.

Beautiful, elegant interface. And that's not even mentioning the humor in the title and the fact that it is the ultimate leeching tool. This program would strike fear into the blackened heart of any webmaster. Dear Zippy, As I'm sure you know, you've really got something here.

As a registered user of NetFinder since the beginning, I can say with some experience that Monica 1. The [resume] ability is most important and useful.

The drag and drop of most file links is absolutely great. Monica can really suck downloads off the net - ftp or http with the ability to resume on both. Thanks so much. Handy for click-dragging URL links straight from Netscape. There have only been a few times when Monica couldn't handle a download.

Essential if you're the type to download large files from unstable sources. Simple interface, and best of all, it's free! An absolute blessing to those of us with thin pipes and an insatiable desire to see what's on the next web page. Now I can surf for an hour, collect links to updates and other files I want, then go about other net. No longer do I force Anarchie, Fetch or my browser to try and download 30 things at once!

A couple of interface quirks aside - which I'm sure Ziggy's working on - nothing on the Mac platform even comes close to Monica for her petite size, splendid single task design and utter stubbornness in ensuring a full download: With no upgrades since November 30th, I worry I may have paid for a lemon. Monica does all it's supposed to, but remains slightly buggy, lacking the integration and polished interface Mac OS X users expect these days. C'mon Black Diamond! Don't let this promising application die. Monica and your customers deserve better. Version 3. Changes in these versions are extensive; much of the underlying code has been redesigned and rewritten.

Key changes include:. NetFinder not to be confused with the former Apple Product of the same name is a very nice FTP client that has become a time-tested product. NetFinder 3 is a major rewrite of the application in Cocoa, and is the first release of the software since version 2.

Version 3 supports the following protocols:. For a more detailed look at NetFinder 3's impressive capabilities, see the online documentation. NetFinder gives me a Finder-like interface similar to Cyberdog. A big improvement that may give Fetch a good run for its money. Tan promise. Much like the old Snatcher ftp client full GUI but better and faster and the ability to re-enable or pick up a dropped file transfer is a Godsend! I've ordered my copy!

Macintosh FTP & File Transfer Applications Software at The Mac Orchard

In addition you cannot command-click a window's icon to get the directory menu you can in the Finder, thus - so far as I can see - there's no easy way to jump to the enclosing folder. Also the Shortcuts menu is poorly implemented. Naming shortcuts must be done via the Finder preventing many common characters present in net addresses being used. In short NF 2. The lack of any new updates or bugfixes since , broken links in NF's help menu and bookmarks, plus the unanswered posts to the NF usergroup don't inspire confidence that the situation will improve any time soon.

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The beta release notes have more details. File management includes move, copy, duplicate, compress, delete,set permissions, make links, etc RBrowser combines all the secure tools available on both the local and the remote system. Each have their strong points and their limitations as well.

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SFTP is better for file transfers because unlike scp it can hold a continuous connection and create links. Ditto is used if both hosts are Macs, so fork data is preserved during file transfers. Also, SFTP does everything file-by-file, which takes a long time if it operates on a big file system. Direct remote-to-remote operations require SCP. RBrowser automatically selects the best available tool for the job, so you do not even have to think about it.

RBrowser is available in several different licensed versions; more information is available on the licensing terms page. All competing FTP clients work as expected. It seems as though one or more characters embedded into the path for the temp files on my system -- your results may vary built by RBrowser's remote edit feature is causing the problem. As a workaround to this problem, I use Dreamweaver as my editor. It works properly with RBrowser. From the Speed Download home page: Sometimes this is because the Internet is generally clogged up, or because your ISP is overloaded.

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But sometimes it's because the server you are connecting to is only giving a certain amount of bandwidth to each client. Speed Download tries to get round this by using up to 32 simultaneous connections. If you have a modem, nothing will get you past the 56k limitation of a phone line. The line itself limits flow to 56k, so even if you pull over, the line will make up the difference and go under 56k to even the difference.

Anywhere from kbs to kbs download depending on server. I regularly download 3 MB in 4 or 5 seconds. Super Flexible Software Ltd. The software works with local hard drives, network drives and any other mounted volumes. ZIP compression and data encryption are also available.

The full feature list provides a detailed overview of its capabilities. The software comes in two editions: The Professional edition provides the following additional features over the Standard edition:. Transmit comes as a free, feature-full 15 day downloadable demo; after 15 days, favorites are disabled and sessions are limited to 10 minutes. Its elegant interface pushes the envelope for FTP client usability - a difficult thing to do in this day and age, where FTP interfaces have been refined to death.

Bookmark management is a snap; the interface is completely consistent with the Mac OS experience; it allows editing of remote files directly within the program or with BBEdit ; it allows you to move files around on remote servers without having to download them to your computer first; and - most importantly - it's fast and flexible thanks to the NcFTP engine. The authors are also responsive to suggestions for improvement. The 1.

Libreoffice 5.2.0 for PowerPC Mac's

While I love this program, I still have to use another FTP client because Tramsit is very unstable; it crashes at least once a day. However, with the ease of use and its unique features, it is definitely worth it. While version 1. Heck, it's what I use to maintain pcweenies. Vicomsoft touts speed as this FTP client's primary benefit, although I can't personally vouch for that, as I haven't tested it myself.

See the online ordering page for more information. South River Technologies, Inc. From the WebDrive web site: By connecting through a 'virtual' device, there is no need to learn a separate FTP client interface. You access and edit files on the server the same way that you interact with files on your local Mac. From the Yummy FTP web site: However, Yummy FTP has a nice feature set that makes it worth considering, including the following helpful capabilities:. It's straightforward to set up and use. Great on-line help. Also, if you have an older Mac, be sure to check out the "Classic" applications page for more options.

These are applications that are newer and of potential interest, but which I haven't yet selected for permanent inclusion. Have a look, and let me know if you think they deserve to be part of the permanent collection! Select a file transfer program User Reviews Currently, no user reviews have been submitted. User Reviews [2. User Reviews [3. ForkLift is getting a serious visual overhaul that resulted in a much cleaner, lighter interface and a set of beautiful new icons. But that's just the looks. Underneath the shiny new skin lies a brand new, supercharged V2. Disklets - Disklets let other OS X applications access the servers connected via ForkLift, as if they were local disks.

You can mount existing favorites as Disklets, or create a new Disklet directly from the Connect The feature works with all our supported protocols. The mounted server appears as a local disk in the Devices section of Finder and other apps' file dialogues. Several bugs fixed from beta 1. See the ForkLift blog for more information. User Reviews "Very good product, terrific for tunneling but, most importantly, for using SFTP to securely connect to our university's distributed file system, where all students have file space it's installed on all Mac OS X machines in all the public labs.

User Reviews "I'm convinced, after having used [Interarchy] for 1 hour I've used 2. User Reviews "Clean, simple, and intuitive. User Reviews "Awesome, awesome program.