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I have added another version above for you to download. Let me know if you have any problems. Thanks for the time you put into this. Thanks for the comment and donation! I am loving P90X so far. Today is a measurement day so I will be posting more measurements tonight.

So far though, I have lost 6. Check it […]. Microsoft Office Format. Share this: Hans Schiefelbein May 3, at DailyBurn is the old faithful of streaming workout services. Wherever you go, DailyBurn will be there. Its videos are Beachbody-esque, but with less intense options for beginners, plus yoga and Pilates programs. You can filter workouts by difficulty, length, or program type. I did the Pilates Phase One series and found it to be almost as instructionally helpful as an in-person Pilates class can be, with tips on posture and ways to modify exercises to make them easier or harder.

Say you want to do a day Pilates Slimdown program. But I like the plan approach, because instead of jumping from yoga to weightlifting to Zumba or whatever else strikes your fancy, Cody forces you to stick with a program, which is the only way to achieve real results. DailyBurn is a solid runner-up, because its filters and selection of videos offer something for everyone, and the price is right.

Both are decent, if inelegant, solutions. She covers Apple news, health and fitness technology, and anything wearable. The 6 best iPhone apps for weight loss.

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The best fitness trackers at every price point. How my Apple Watch helped me through another health crisis.

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I vomited mid-workout, on many occasions. If you want to get results, these are the conditions you have to expect. Be ready for the shock of going all-in. I started going to bed around 10 PM to achieve this.

P90X Spreadsheet

I also gave myself some supplemental boosts. This was my routine:. Wake up, drink a glass of water, pee, weigh myself, wash my face, and brush my teeth. Drinking water and splashing my face gave me an immediate jolt of energy. Weighing myself gave me motivation. Brushing my teeth got me ready for action. Who wants to workout with stank-breath? Grape juice pushes creatine into the muscles more quickly.

The peanut butter provided a quick hit of protein, and apples are great for sustained energy throughout a workout slow-burning carbs. While most experts suggest taking creatine after your workout, I found that taking some beforehand gave me a nice boost. Just be careful with this because it dehydrates you.

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Start prepping for the workout. This involved splashing my face again , jumping up and down a few times, getting my equipment ready, and turning on the DVD to listen to the background music. Prepping definitely improved the intensity of my workouts. The P90X DVDs are about an hour long, but I would also do the ab routine afterwards three days a week , which was another twenty minutes.

As I mentioned, I could barely get through a single workout when I first started.


I go all-in full ass. Make my post-workout drink, shower, and get ready for the day. My routine was demanding, but it was absolutely necessary. If I had just worked out whenever I had time, I undoubtedly would have skipped workouts and never seen results. The only way to guarantee consistency was to complete the workouts in the early morning hours. I highly recommend doing this.

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As the popular saying goes: P90X provides workout sheets which you can also download online for free. My numbers increased drastically over the course of the program. You need to write them down. I also took weekly photos, in several different poses, directly after each workout.

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As I saw my body changing, I kept wanting more. This stuff is important. You need to do it. Taking the photos will make you accountable. Take the photos. I recommend taking a front photo with arms up and flexed, and same for the back. You can also take a profile side photo. I also tracked my weight. I weighed myself twice a day; once immediately in the morning after peeing, and once at night before bed.

Be wary of this. That said, the scale is generally a great way to track your progress.