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You have to find it first before the adventure really begins hint: There are plenty of notes to pick-up although they're more useful than in Slender. All of them tie into the plot which centers around the disappearance of your companion Kate and a child.

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The Arrival is overall a much better game than the original Slender but with the same easy to play gameplay. There's far more to explore and investigate than the original and it's much more interesting than just walking around finding random notes while avoiding the sick lanky phenomenon that is Slenderman. The ambient noise can sometimes drive you mad - it often buzzes for ages with the odd scream or sound of footsteps here and there but on the whole it's better than the original.

A must for Slender fans Slender: The Arrival is more polished than Slender with a richer world to explore. If you liked the original, you'll enjoy this new take on the game by the developers at Midnight City. Can't wait till I download it on my laptop so I can play it on the go! P ros: This game's good!! But i don't like the ending: And it is scary than outlast But why Laura need to dies??? The games storyline was absolutely amazing! The game was way shorter than expected, but you cannot expect a fish to climb a t ree!

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Short More. It is a beautiful game and also quite functional in its purpose but flawed.. Its a beautiful looking game no doubt, the story seems to extend quite a bit and has several step based objectives, pages, generators, etc. There are several, if not many interativities within the game and the functionality is exceptional too although there are some awkward game mechanics such as Slenderman sliding to the side weirdly and door opening can be a nuisance.

There are many good scares in here and it seems that it emulates the original in terms of acomplishing scares quite well.

Decent Slender remake with new scenarios

Although some downfalls are that there could some more expansion for objectives and gameplay or even extra characters and voice acting to make the story more page turning. The pricing system works nicely and it comes relatively cheap; if you are generous though you can donate extra money to the cause as it would be nice to see improvements and expansions in the game.

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  • Slender: The Eight Pages for Mac - Download.
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  • The sequel to Slender now bigger and better.
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  • Haunt - The Real Slender Game Publisher's Description;

One another note it is nice to see the original Slender producer Mark Hadley on this game's production team. Overall this game is quite although once again many improvements and innovations can be made, although itis definitely worth your time being one of the most anticipated horror games of this year. Beautiful Graphics. Great Scares.

Quite Functional. Has An Expanded Story. Newer Objectives or Goals. Could Be More Exploratory More. What do you think about Slender: The Arrival?

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Do you recommend it? Windows Games Slender: The Arrival The sequel to Slender now bigger and better Slender: View full description. The Arrival Slender: Slender Flashlight.

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An astonishing multiplayer based slender game to play with your friends. The Cursed Forest. Slendytubbies 3 is the next installment to the Slendytubbies Series. In th Slendytubbies 3: Campaign Demo. The year Your spaceship ran out of energy, You had to dock on an ab Slenderman Must Die: Chapter 2. Who is Slendrina and why can't she be killed?

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Search for all 9 images and Slendrina Must Die: The House. You are sick and tired of all the stories you have listen about Slenderman Chapter 1. Slender The Nine Pages is finally here!

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Grab all 9 pages and find a way ou Slender The Nine Pages. Can you guess? Slendrina Must Die The Forest. The second part of the popular survival horror game series - Slendytubbies