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It's a bit rough around the edges but you can try it out at http: I'm currently on the board at HacDC, as I was too slow stepping backwards when they asked for volunteers. Hi, Jason Baker, I have pleased to read the article which is full of information about Cad software program. You may check https: Thanks and have a nice day! SolveSpace is my favorite. It can do more than all the others, and is extremely fast, small and elegant. FreeCAD uses python for its kernel, so it's awfully slow, but gets a lot of contributions. I would like to use it for my first done image process.

I have tried to list them all here: Open source computer-aided design software may not have all the functionality of proprietary solutions, but it may have everything you actually need. Image credits: Have you ever used an open source CAD tool? Choices Yes, and I loved it. Yes, but I'm not quite ready to switch. No, but I'm interested. More Great Content. Topics Business. Art and design.

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Recommended reading Get the Inkscape cheat sheet for advanced graphics editing. Is your startup built on open source? Create animated, scalable vector graphic images with MacSVG. Talk over text: Conversational interface design and usability.

The Best Free CAD Program - DesignSpark Mechanical

What high-top sneakers and motion sickness can teach us about designing for VR. Learn the 37 most frequently used shortcuts in GIMP. AC on 26 May Permalink.

5 alternatives to AutoCAD for Mac

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Joe Dunne on 27 May Permalink. I'd like to add one more App. Onshape Starting Tues May 31 HAL on 16 Jan Permalink. Deserves a try: Dan Risacher on 14 Jul Permalink. Try Draftsight. Only 2D but a quite good one. Free for student use only. Martin Clark on 31 May Permalink. Try Inventor for free.

Try Revit for free. AutoCAD mobile app.

3 open source CAD programs

Autodesk Drive. Autodesk Rendering. BIM BIM Design.

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Character Generator. Configurator Constructware renewal only. Creative Market. Fusion Fusion Connect. Fusion Lifecycle. Fusion Production. Fusion Team. Maya LT. Point Layout. SketchBook for Enterprise. Structural Analytics for Revit. We offer free Autodesk software for students and educators. Use the same Mac software as top professionals around the world. VectorDesigner As the name suggests, VectorDesigner is dedicated to all things vector and offers a simple, multi-windowed interface from which you can use all sorts of tools and shapes like rectangles, stars, polygons or bezier creations.

Boolean tools offered by the program are easy to work with and let you combine your different shapes in all sorts of ways. VectorDesigner is ideal for creating posters, stickers, t-shirts etc. Link Copied! View all comments. Next story Level up your pay with these 8 free!