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Not that it was a bad software, it was quite slow to start up, some people really hated it. I used to have Easyshare installed in my old machine, I used it for a certain PP functions due to I found it provides better results. I don't use it for download or manage photos. Kodak stop Easyshare for quite a while back, not sure what OS you're using, might run into compatibility issue with newer OS.

Kodak Photo Printer 300 Driver 5.3 for Windows XP/Vista

The reason I ask the question is because my dad likes Easyshare because of its ease-of-use and he is upgrading his computer from one running Vista to one running Windows 8. I boubt very much that even if you could get Easyshare software that it would work, there has been a lot of water pass under the bridge since Easyshare was available for download. If your Dad likes simple photo editing software give Faststone a try, its free and does a far better job than the old Easyshare. As Dave said. I doubt Window 8 would work with Easyshares. Give Faststone a try.

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My personal favorite is PhotoScape also free for download. What I don't like with some software is it trying to sync or search the jpg files from the drive when it start up. Of course one can disable the auto sync but it is a pain. Search at PCWorld. It is available there. It run on Windows 7 according to the specs so it will run on Windows 8 probably. Otherwise always it is possible to run into a virtual machine.

Cristo - An Amateur Photographer Opinions of men are almost as various as their faces - so many men so many minds. So after playing with a bunch of freeware editors, I found Picasa to be both easy and powerful, and am going with that. It's just the web installer, file size 1. On every Kodak site there's a notice stating that the Kodak Easyshare software is no longer available for download. So, using the web installer won't get you anywhere. Mart Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, does not go away.

Lumix TZ40 my wife. Thanks for try and post the feedback. It can be useful for some people in the future searching for a solution. Download the PC software of this link. One's downloaded. And then install it afterwards from the DVD. Now you have the software on a DVD as backup. Trying it out for nostagic reason to re-live those good old days of being an owner of multiple Kodak cameras.

I've never used it before but just might try it on my Win 7 laptop. I might as well ince I have both Nikon and Olympus software installed on it. Just remember developement stopped about 8 years ago But you could try it for old times sake.

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Submit a News Tip! Reading mode: Light Dark. Login Register. I like my easyshare picture manager, it is easy to use and does a great job editing and organizing. Good app. Where did Kodak transfer EasyShare?. I know Kodak closed their site but did they transfer us to Picasa? I can't remember where and I ne ed to find my pics. We regret any inconvenience to you. It stinks Have to wait forever for it to come up What do you think about Kodak Easyshare?

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Do you recommend it? Windows Multimedia Photography Kodak Easyshare Organize, edit and share your photos This program can no longer be downloaded. Kodak Easyshare includes pretty View full description.

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    Picasa Manage, edit and share your photos with ease. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Professional photo editing with the Adobe guarantee. Download Kodak Easyshare 8. Free Download for Windows. User reviews about Kodak Easyshare.